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Friday, September 02, 2005

Two years ago

I shot this train coming down the tracks near Burnaby Lake. Today while I was digging around in my archives, I discovered this one.

I worked on it a little and was able to bring the light levels up to where they were originally supposed to be in the shot, thanks to decent image editing software. Isn't it cool how today we can finally do the same things to our photos as we did in the darkroom years ago? I still have a love/hate relationship with the digital technology (or more truthfully the digital industry), but it is getting better. Canon recently released a full frame 12.8mp digital SLR targeting the 'prosumer' photographers (like myself), but the price is way over the top at $4500.00CAN. I can still buy the best roll of film professionals can buy at no more than $15.00, and shoot photos exactly as detailed as the pros can. That's the big irony with the whole 'Professional Digital' SLR separation from the 'Consumer Level'. Apparently, amateur photographers are no longer allowed to shoot like the pros, unless they are willing to (stupidly) shell out $12,000.00 for their next DSLR.