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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Guess what I saw on the weekend?


I didn't expect them this early, but they are here, and there are a lot of them! I guess they're not really early, it's just that time seems to be flying by so fast lately. Probably because I was in Japan for three weeks, and it was still winter there.

Anyway, it's quite warm here now, and there are new parents and babies all over the lake.

look at this proud momma!

This guy was just shakin' his head:

In other news, it was my buddy J.S.'s Birthday. We took him to a French restaurant on Denman St. in Vancouver. It was the fist time any of us had eaten there. The food (although really small) was really good.

That's SPAGHETTINI CON VONGOLE that I'm eating. It's noodles with clams. Tastey!


Wendi said...

First I must say, Happy Birthday J.S. :) Hope you had a great one.

Secondly, The photos of the geese are absolutely superb!! They are gorgeous (said with my best Boston accent). I am planning on taking the girls to the park on Friday to, hopefully, see the new babies. The last time we were there, they saw the eggs.

Hope to catch up with you soon,

Have a good one :)


K Murphy J said...

Excellent, as always. Mark, you are truly the "Goose Whisperer." :)

Rev. Brandy said...

I found your blog through a comment you left on Kathy's blog about her bird story . . . and I have to say, your keen eye for photography is breathtaking. I never thought goslings (cute as they are) could be so . . . beautiful. Wow. I perused your site and enjoyed many of the images you've posted. Thanks for contributing such rich, lush imagery to the world.

watson said...

Hello Mark! I like lingering in your blog and checking out the photos. Excellent work!

Alcluith said...

Your goslings are terrible cute :-) I really liked the moon eclipse shots too - I was telling my brother recently that a lot of moon photos are double exposures, which disappointed him, so this will restore his faith in celestial bodies...