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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Look at this!:

When I was leaving work this afternoon, some of the guys and I spotted this large dragonfly perched on a stick. I had my trusty little Canon G2 with me in my back pack, so I quickly pulled it out and got some shots. I didn't have too much time, because everyone was leaving and I had to go. L. from work stayed behind and watched as I took photos of it.

A few days ago, my landlord phoned me to inform me that there were baby racoons in her back yard. There aren't too many things cuter than baby racoons* out there, so I quickly grabbed the camera and went over there to take some shots:

Here's Mamma:

And the little ones (there were three):

And off they go:

*except for baby ferrets and monkeys

1 comment:

bingo and betty said...

That thing with the wings, WOW! Why take drugs when you have this kind of stuff right before your eyes. Did you eat that thing later? Looks good Mark....