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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

To you and your family!
Thanks to everyone who visits here.
Have safe and fun holiday season!

Look at all the goodies! I'm pretty sure my mom makes the best butter tarts (and mincemeat tarts) on the planet!

Here's me, digging around under the Christmas tree:

...and what's Christmas without a photo of a cat with it's head in a stocking?


bingo and betty said...

Hey Mark, I've noticed that you only post like two pictures a year now! What gives man! Am I going to have to beat you with a stick to take more photos? You have like a 40 million dollar camera and you take 2 pictures!Whats with that! I can draw faster than that!.......... Hey why don't you take some pictures of your art and post them?...........Wish you and your family good health...peace out.

kinez said...

Oh my gosh... those goodies are making me drool! You're a lucky man. :) That looks like my new cat, except my cat doesn't have a stocking on his head. haha

Wendi said...

Well I now know I am not the only one who hasnt posted anything in a while :) Patiently waiting for some new pictures!!! I got an awesome Ansel Adams calender for Christmas!! Talk to you soon, I hope!! Until then.............