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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Yay! I'm on vacation again! This is the final vacation of the year for me. I haven't planned next years vacation yet though because I always like to know what's going to be happening with friends first so I can plan accordingly.

Yeasterday it rained like crazy and they gave me a really crappy job to do. It involved pushing wheelbarrows full of one gallon potted plants up hills, through creek beds, down steep muddy slopes and over little silly planks. Bloody hell. But yeah, I'm glad that's over with (for the next week anyway).

Today it's a beautiful day outstide, sunny and warm. I kinda slept in this morning though, so I'm a little late getting my day started. My kitties were out of their regular crunchy kitty food (because I forgot to buy some last night) and so this morning they wouldn't shut up about it. I temporarily redeemed myself by giving them a can of tuna (They go crazy for that stuff). That will hold them until I get to Safeway this afternoon.

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