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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Today I had to go to an all-day St. John Ambulance first aid course. It was long, but it wasn't too bad. The only difficult thing was finding parking, and it was located in an industrial area, so there were any good restaurants nearby where I could go for lunch.

So basically I learned AR, CRP and how to apply first aid to bleeding wounds.

Here's some CPR babies. We didn't work with the babies today, but I thought they looked pretty cool, so I had one of my class mates take some pictures of me holding them.

And here's a picture of "Anne", an artificial human whom I had to try to resuscitate. She never did start breathing on her own though.

I went to physiotherapy a few days ago because my knee has been bothering me again. After physio, I like to go eat at this restuarant in Port Moody. My friend P. owns it, and she makes really good food. I got her to take some photos of me and it's funny, because P. likes to take pictures of rainbows and when she took these pictures of me the other day, a rainbow appeared around me in the pictures. Check it out:

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