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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Good news and some not-so-good News

The good news is: About two weeks ago I purchased a new camera. It's a professional digital SLR; the Canon EOS 10D. This is the camera I used to shoot the Trees for Life Fun Run (coupled with an L series Canon 70-200 f/2.8 USB IS lens). It's a technical dream and it's very well built (rugged metal alloy body) and I've been waiting for this for some time now. The price dropped a little and so I went for it (and a nice, new lens). Now I have two digitals. The G2 will remain my travelling camera because it's nice and compact with great capabilites. The Digital SLR will be for assigment photography. It has a CMOS image sensor with 6.3 megapixels resolution and the image quality is superb.

Here's some pictures of the new one that I took with the G2:

And the bad news is: My car needs a new Transmission. Very sad indeedy. It failed on me today.

It actually started to fail two days ago and so last night I brought it to a garage. The mechanic at the garage told me today that he couldn't fix it there and he would refer me to another place. So I got a ride there after work today and tried to drive (limp) it to the garage the mechanic refered me to.

Of course the roads were full of crazy drivers (which is the norm here in Vancouver) so that added to my frustration while I was trying to drive my poor broken car to the garage. The car kept slipping out of gear and into neutral while I accelerated. It would catch some times and I desperately needed to take advantage of that speed, but people kept slamming on their breaks ahead of me and forcing me to stop. I swear I had to use 'The Force' to propel that car the final mile to the gargage. I couldn't believe I made it. In fact, the mechanic couldn't even drive the car onto the ramp when I got there. I was lucky I made it.

Sadly, it's going to be very expensive for a transmission. And I just purchased the new camera and lens, which were very expensive. Bloody hell.

So after I dropped the car off, I wandered across the highway to Ikea and looked around. It made me feel a little better. I had dinner there too; herb baked salmon with potatoes and veggies. It was good.

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