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Sunday, August 17, 2003

So on Saturday I went to a bunch of yard sales and I found a really good deal on a Minolta camera with a bunch of accessories. I'm in the process of testing the camera's functionality and so far it's really good. I also picked up a big box of good computer reference boobs and some computer software. It was a good haul for yardsales on Saturday.

On Sunday I had my own yardsale. I had a bunch of lamps and other furnishings that I've been wanting to get rid of, and my best friend L. (I sure love her) contributed a bunch of her stuff too. We both made some good coin today. I served free Tim Horton's coffee too and everyone was happy.

After the yard sale L. and I had dinner at her house and watched a couple Buffy and Angel episodes. I perfer cooking dinner at her house when it's really hot out (as it has been) because it's a lot cooler in her place. My appartment gets really hot, even with the fan on.

I took a bunch of pictures of the yardsale and a few other things that I'll post here tomorrow when I have some more time.

-Good night.

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